Yvonne’s Heart Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides programs that empower and promote girls and young women. Our programs, products and events promote hope, confidence, personal development and leadership empowerment.

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G.I.R.L.S Rock!

Our passion is to empower young ladies to see their value! To help them understand and demonstrate that they are gifted, inspired, responsible leaders.

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Mentoring Leaders

Mentoring provides young ladies with support in developing life skills and critical decision-making skills. Our network provides them with the knowledge and the resources. One of our life skill builders is financial literacy.

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Creating Legacies

Are you looking for opportunities to empower and encourage young ladies?

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Mentoring WORKS!

Every since I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to help people. I spent a lot of hours inviting my friends over to have meetings about band, math and whatever else came to mind. I didn’t want to keep the knowledge or joy to myself, I wanted to share it with everyone! A few

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Where’s The Village?

I grew up in a really tight religious community. Adults weren’t afraid to correct you with words or something a little more tangible. Now, however if you try to correct someone’s child, even if you are that child’s teacher, that parent might take offense or even worse, take action against you. As I look at

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